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5130 Duke Street, Suite # 2
Alexandria VA

(703) 751-1111

MedPlus Pharmacy puts its patients first; we provide quality and cost-effective pharmacy products. Our pharmacy believes in patient awareness, customer satisfaction, and professional integrity.



MedPlus FAQs

Who is MedPlus pharmacy?

MedPlus Pharmacy is an independent, local pharmacy that is located in and services the DC Metropolitan area. MedPlus Pharmacy was started by people who wanted to be able to do more for their patients and wanted to go the extra mile. We are an adherence-focused pharmacy, and strive to help our patients find a program or way to take all of their medications as needed.

Where is MedPlus?

We are located at 5130 Duke Street, in Alexandria, Virginia! We are right off the highway (major interstate I-395) and right past Landmark Mall.

How long has MedPlus been open?

MedPlus has been open for just over 2 years, and we have been serving the community of Alexandria since!

What does MedPlus do that is different?

We try to go the extra mile to set ourselves apart – we offer a variety of services that come free with prescription fill. We deliver medications for free, our trained pharmacists compound drugs, and our pharmacist is available for in-home consultations (local). MedPlus Pharmacy has a 24-hour help line, in case you ever have a question about your medications after hours. Our cash pricing for medications are low (comparable to Walmart).

What insurances does MedPlus take?

We accept all insurances except for Kaiser. In the case that your insurance does not cover a medication, or you are not insured, we make sure that we have the lowest pricing possible for you.

How do I fill my prescriptions at MedPlus if I already fill them at ______ pharmacy?

Easy! All you have to do is let us know (give us a call, fill out this form, or email us) where you currently fill your prescriptions and we can transfer them for you. Let us know when you will need them by, and we can have them ready for pick-up same day, or we can deliver them to you… free!

What is the Medication Management Program?

Our Medication Management Program (MMP) is unique to MedPlus Pharmacy – we are the first to offer a program that includes many different services for free. These services include:

·         Home/Residence visits by our pharmacist to go over the care recipients medication regimen

·         Strip Packaging technology to help eliminating errors and improve adherence

·         24/7 consultation with the pharmacist on duty to answer any questions or concerns

·         Mobile Pharmacy Solution by offering in-home vaccines and flu shots

·         Free delivery of medication

You do NOT have to choose to opt-in all of these services if you are interested in our MMP. For instance, if you just want free delivery, we can do that!

Does it cost more to go to MedPlus for my prescriptions?

No! MedPlus accepts all insurances (except for Kaiser) and our cash pricing is competitive with Walmart. In fact, filling a prescription with us through cash payment is always going to be cheaper than going to a retail pharmacy for the same medication.

What is strip packaging?

We offer strip packaging as an alternative to filling your prescriptions: the packages come prepackaged, and day by day. These packages can be personalized if you take medications in the morning versus afternoon, and rip out in order in a cardboard container. All of your medications will be in one place, making adherence to your medications easier. No more pill bottles everywhere!

Will my inhaler go into the strip packaging also?

Inhalers, eye drops, creams, gels, suppositories, and diabetic prescriptions will NOT fit into the strip packages as the packages are only the size that they are. However, as shown below, we can add a “reminder” package for you so that you can remember to take your other medications.

Does it cost more to do the strip packaging?

It does not cost you anything extra for the strip packaging. You only pay your copay!

Is the package easy to open?

The package is extremely easy to open, and is the equivalent of an easy-open cap.

Is all the information on the strip package?

All the information that is on a standard prescription bottle is on the package. The name of the medication, the directions, shape, size, date of when to take the medication, time to take the medication, and pharmacy information is all on the package.